Monday, January 31, 2011

Hoping for Rain...

So I can wear THESE!! 

Yep, I've jumped right on to the bandwagon and purchased some Hunter wellies for the spring! AND if it rains on my wedding day... guess what will be protecting my tootsies?? 


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ramble Ramble...

Last night O and I had a mini date night with a stop at Urban Taco for dinner and heavens to betsy that dos equis amber barbacoa taco is delightful!! Seriously yum, I need to learn how to make barbacoa... pronto.

Then we headed to the Angelika to see this:

Quite an entertaining movie! Simply superb! And now my thoughts are in a British accent. Damn. But really, it was humorous yet dark, and kept me awake for the hour and fifty minutes it ran, which can't be said for all films...

Tonight, I took the night off from Best Picture Oscar contenders and watched this (glamorously in my bed with a tall glass of sauv blanc):

And for all you Bachelor fans out there, is that Michelle girl bat-shit crazy or what?? At least she's figured out how to get the most air time so when she leaves (with tears and mascara streaks down her face) for her so-called "acting" career she'll have some clips to show at the audition. And that brings me to BW's "therapist." Seriously? What crack-pot ("incredibly reputable") counselor would suggest to a commitment-phobe with daddy issues go and "date" 25 women at the same time?! Ludicrous. I see a Bachelor Therapist spin-off in the near future. 

But alas,  I'm sure I'll find myself tuned in next week, chilled white in hand, wondering about the unrealness of reality TV. 


Monday, January 24, 2011

We're the Five Best Friends that Anyone Could Have!!

This weekend was somewhat of a non-stop party/celebration/estrogen fest and it was a BLAST!! My lucky little self had a bridal shower thrown for me by my fantastic bridesmaids and they did an amazing job! 

There was family:


Games and Presents:

I look like I'm skeptical of this thing but in reality it's the coolest present ever! It's a towel cake, yes, a cake made out of the towels I registered for!

AND tea!!

How adorable are these little favors my bridesmaids brought?


Seriously, do I have some bombshell bridesmaids or what? 


Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Nothing Box

Since the New Year, the wedding to-to list has somewhat exploded beyond reasonable expectations. Thus explains my absence from the blogging world for the last two weeks or so. O and I did get to enjoy a weekend with our great friends Ashley and Kenny in lovely Shreveport, LA. We had a fantastic time and I admit my cheeks were sore at one point from continuously laughing so hard. Kenny and Ashley have been married for two years and shared some marriage advice with us via YouTube. So without further ado, here is "The Nothing Box" for your viewing pleasure...

It's kinda true right ladies and gents?


Sunday, January 2, 2011


My friends...

In case you hadn't heard, TCU won the Rose Bowl tonight (*cough shouldhavebeenthenationalchampionship cough*)!!! And I'm so proud of my Horn Frogs!! Not only are we freakin' amazing at football, I must credit TCU with providing me an excellent education, fantastic friends, and the man I'm going to marry...