Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ramble Ramble...

Last night O and I had a mini date night with a stop at Urban Taco for dinner and heavens to betsy that dos equis amber barbacoa taco is delightful!! Seriously yum, I need to learn how to make barbacoa... pronto.

Then we headed to the Angelika to see this:

Quite an entertaining movie! Simply superb! And now my thoughts are in a British accent. Damn. But really, it was humorous yet dark, and kept me awake for the hour and fifty minutes it ran, which can't be said for all films...

Tonight, I took the night off from Best Picture Oscar contenders and watched this (glamorously in my bed with a tall glass of sauv blanc):

And for all you Bachelor fans out there, is that Michelle girl bat-shit crazy or what?? At least she's figured out how to get the most air time so when she leaves (with tears and mascara streaks down her face) for her so-called "acting" career she'll have some clips to show at the audition. And that brings me to BW's "therapist." Seriously? What crack-pot ("incredibly reputable") counselor would suggest to a commitment-phobe with daddy issues go and "date" 25 women at the same time?! Ludicrous. I see a Bachelor Therapist spin-off in the near future. 

But alas,  I'm sure I'll find myself tuned in next week, chilled white in hand, wondering about the unrealness of reality TV. 


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