Monday, June 13, 2011

Bubba Turns Five

Our dog baby turned five last Saturday and being the doting dog owners that we are, we celebrated at the pool with vodka and pink lemonade, hot dogs, and beer for the boys without Duke.... I justified this to myself by realizing that everyday we treat our Bubba Boo (fyi: this dog has about 29 different nicknames) like he's the best damn dog that ever roamed this earth. So without further ado, here are the the reasons we love our Dukenator:

You always find a way to sneak in a kiss

You are completely, 100% obsessed with balls

The first night we had the Boo!!

You smile for the camera

You put up with me torturing you every holiday

You're oh so curious about everything!

You always find time to snuggle

You choose the most inopportune places to sleep

if Duke could talk: "you are NOT leaving without me next time!!"

You play nice with wee ones

And finally, our lives would not be complete without you!



  1. That's cute. They really do make our lives better don't they! My mutt, Ringo, is going to be 11 next month!!