Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Fruit

I finished decorating our front porch tonight and I all the hard work to refinish the furniture was well worth the effort! I headed over to World Market for their ridiculously awesome outdoor furnishings sale and picked up all the cushions and decor. I really can't say I'm much of a bargain hunter, but I am pretty proud of the deal we got on these things. For the ENTIRE space, and I mean everything: furniture, stain, and cushions, we paid a whopping......


 Here's how it all turned out!

Ha! O snuck into this one, dutifully watering the front yard. 

I can't wait to sit out on our porch and enjoy our new furniture! There's even a bottle of vihno verde chilling the the wine fridge as we speak! Unfortunately, I think we'll have to wait until the temperature isn't reaching 106 everyday. Seriously, I got in my car at 8 pm yesterday and it said it was still 100 degrees outside. Sheesh. 

Here's to cooler temps and enjoying a glass of wine on the front porch!



  1. The set looks awesome! Well done!

  2. The porch looks awesome. Love the colours of the cushions!

    You both need a bottle of bubbly to celebrate all yourk hard work.

  3. Thanks!! We do need to celebrate, we're waiting until it's not 110 degrees outside though... it's awful!