Monday, July 18, 2011


We've been organizing, decorating, and fixing for the last few weeks in the new place. O and I are up to our necks in projects but enjoying our little cottage all the same.

We love our new house and so does Duke! He especially loves his backyard.

Duke the watch dog, on his perch, monitoring the neighborhood. 

He really is a big dog stuck in a little dog's suit. 

O has been slaving away on a lawn mower that's been in a shed and unused for five years. After a full days worth of work, one large gas spew-age,  and a couple of trips to Home Depot and Auto Zone, he finally got it to work. I have such a thrifty, handy husband :)

I on the other hand, I have been working on this:

It was daunting, but I finally got about 80% of the wedding presents unpacked, the bubble wrap saved, and the boxes recycled. Phew!

I also decided to be a little crafty and replicated something I saw on pinterest. I found a cheap frame at a garage sale, nailed some sticks to the back of it, then painted it white. 

The Pinterest version:

My version:

Now my jewelry is organized, tangle free, and easy to access! Love!

In other news...
Today our wedding was featured on our photographer Sherry Hammonds blog! Click HERE if you want to check some of the pics out.


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