Monday, November 21, 2011


The time has come for us to look back and reflect, reconnect, and rejoice with family and friends. It is time for us to remember why we're so lucky for the things we have, and forget the things we have not.
Are you hurling from the cheesballsness of this post yet? The holidays may be drawn out longer every year and completely over-dramatized by the retail industry but when I look back on this year, I am truly thankful for how amazing it was! 

First and foremost I'm thankful for:
The most amazing, fun, lovely day of my life.

Which resulted in:
The growth of a family.

Which was preceded by:
The wildest, sparkliest, rowdiest weekend of my life.

And Followed by:
The most luxurious, delicious, appreciated vacation of my life!

But of course none of this would be possible without:

A down-right wonderful hubby who loves me and brings me pretties when he's away for too long.

Parents that will try to give me the world and support me through anything.

Glorious friends who will drink wine, tailgate, and dress up for tea with me.

AND last but not least:
The cutest, craziest, sweetest duker-poo the world has ever seen!


Have a wonderfully wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!


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