Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Scotchy Scotch Scotch

Last Friday night was a bit of an adventure for O and I. We visited Nana for the first time for their Friday Night Flight tasting which included three tasty nibbles (and I mean nibbles, the food was bite sized and I had to order some sliders to satisfy my Friday night appetite!) and three tastings of wine from the Columbia Valley region in Washington state. The food and wine were good but the view from the bar at Nana is amazing! I see a happy hour there in my future for some half-price martinis!

I had my Man.

 Some GREAT company!

And ALOT of empty glasses of wine!

All in all, not a bad start to a Saturday night, but then we headed over to the Dallas Design district for the Dewars Discovery event. Now, I've never been a scotch drinker, give this girl a glass of Sauv Blanc or a vodka soda with a lime and we're in business! But I thought to myself, no harm in trying something new. Plus it was free. It started out with a drink called the Dewars smash (it was like a mojito with scotch) which, truth be told, I thoroughly enjoyed! 

V and I with our Dewars Smash

Then it turned into an educational seminar on the history of Dewars and how it is made. When we arrived at the tasting room and sat down, this is what was sitting in front of us: 

 Chemistry was never my strongest skill (I'll admit I went to TCU because it was one of the only programs where I didn't have to take chemistry). But this was a whiskey chemistry set, so how could you go wrong?? After the speaker gave us his spiel on the history of Dewars and said "scotch whiskey" more times that I thought humanly possible in one hour, we got to make our own scotch from these test tubes. Mine tasted like shit (like it burned my esophagus...). Fortunately, we got to taste some iced Dewars 12 year after making our own and I just dumped my unfortunate concoction of honey, floral, vanilla, and smokey into my glass of iced scotch. After that, I don't remember tasting anything.


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