Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat

I didn't sleep a wink last night. It was either a) severe distress over the Rangers losing their 3rd World series game (doubtful) or b) as the incredibly intelligent person that I am, I made O watch Paranormal Activity because I "have to watch a scary movie on Halloween!!!" (probable). That movie is shit-your-pants scary people. It gets you when you least expect it and leaves you feeling creepy in all the wrong places. So from now on, I'm taking O's approach to Halloween: "Dress up like an idiot and get drunk with your friends." Fortunately for us this year, we got to do both. 

Introducing the main players of All Hallows Eve

 Sweeny Tod and the Mad Hatter joined the fun

 So did Alice and our other version of the Mad Hatter :)

 The Bartender and the Beer Maid. We made a good team.

 It's not a party without The Dude

So after two (or maybe three?) glasses of liquid courage, I managed to put my Beer Maid costume on again this year. I felt like a German sausage...BUT on McKinney a man did lean out his car window and attempt to snap a picture of me with his camera phone in which I promptly yelled at him "you better not put that on the internet creeper!!" So I guess I still got it...
Whoa sweet, who brought the Keg?! 

 Hope you all had a FANTASTIC Halloween!!!


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