Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hail all Hail TCU... Homecoming

Last weekend was my second TCU homecoming as an alumna. We played Air Force, but I'll be honest and say I went to see old friends, drink beer, and eat! We spent the afternoon at Rahr Brewery with MC and Phil, listened to music, and drank. Always a good time to be had at Rahr. Unfortunately for this update, I brought my camera all the way to the great city of Fort Worth minus the battery... so iphone pics had to suffice!

It rained ALL day! When I wasn't under a roof, I looked like this:
But then we made it to the Frog Five Tailgate which is for alums who graduated in the last five years. This is quite possibly the best tailgate of the year considering there is free food, beer, and t-shirts! I miss my college days of having more free t-shirts than I know what to do with, so the last amenity was greatly appreciated! So excited was I to receive this free shirt that I failed to notice there was a large mud puddle right in front of the t-shirt table... so now not only was my hair frizz-tastic, my clothes wet, but my feet covered in mud. It was then that I promptly walked (and squished) over to the beer table.

The highlight though was seeing some long-lost friends, 
and some friends we see all the time :)

All in all homecoming was great fun and it was amazing to see so many people I hadn't seen in years! Many more fun times were had that day but due to the above mentioned downpours and my camera faux pas they weren't captured on film! Oh yea, and TCU won against Air Force woo!

Stay tuned because tonight we are celebrating Halloween... The Beer Girl and Beer Keg will roam the streets of Big D once again!!


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