Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dum da dum dum!

To be perfectly honest, my workout routine has fallen totally flat. I'm beyond bored with the classes at my gym and the thought of running on a treadmill... well I'd rather fall down an elevator shaft. So, today I signed up for THIS. I'm really nervous, excited, nervous... I thought to myself, what better way to NOT gain 10 pounds (and maybe lose some inches for the dress instead!!) over the holidays than to get my behind kicked three (possibly four) times a week by a professional by the name of "the gladiator"??  It was also rated DFW's best boot camp in D Magazine.

I have dreams that after camp I'll look like this:

Buts lets not get ahead of ourselves, first I'd have to be tan and Brazilian instead of well, pale and Irish. Anywho, I'm very excited about starting this camp! Especially because I get to do it with my fellow "I want to eat turkey and pie and not gain weight damnit!" pal Kristen. So I'm off to buy my 8-10 lb dumbbells, workout mat, and new tennis shoes!


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