Saturday, October 16, 2010


For a long time the only team I rooted for was the Texas Longhorns. Growing up in Austin, there wasn't really an option. Either you were a Horns fan or one of those "damn Aggies..." I have memories of my dad yelling at the television ("how could you be so blind ref?!?! That was clearly holding!!) and my mom sharing wisdom ("the BEST time to go grocery shopping is during a Texas game because there is literally NO ONE there") every Saturday throughout my childhood. The Texas Longhorns to Austin are comparable say to the Packers to Green Bay. When Texas wins, the city's energy and excitement is palpable, and when they lose... serious bummer. 

When I went to college, having lived and breathed burnt orange for 18 years, it was hard for me to get into another team's football spirit. As a freshman at TCU, the main reason I went to football games were 1) I got to tailgate and flirt with frat boys 2) I got to wear purple and 3) it was free. My allegiance to TCU steadily grew over the years. When TCU played Texas my senior year I waffled only for a moment before putting on my purple and white. As an alumna, I feel much more attached to my Frogs than I did as a freshman. I still enjoy wearing purple and I definitely still enjoy tailgating with friends (instead of frat boys). It doesn't hurt that TCU is freakin amazing this year and is the only ranked football program in Texas. So with that, GO FROGS (and go Horns :)

At the TCU-Oregon St. game

Tailgate regulars

It's hard to see, but Phil has purple hair... if that's not a fan, I don't know what is


Everybody say " Andy Dalton!"

Oh Mountain West Conference, we have a love hate relationship

The Frog Horn that blows after each touchdown. Trusty frog always keeps me up to speed when I linger in the parking lot a little too long tailgating!

And the winner for best use of purple is....

Cheers to Football season!! 


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