Sunday, December 26, 2010

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...

After braving Northpark and a few other stores with fifteen bagillion other people last week, I felt like Christmas would never come. I fully expected that before Christmas could even arrive, I would experience an untimely death via being run over in the Target parking lot by a crazed parent looking for the last tickle me Elmo or whatever the hell the "hot toy" of this year was. But as luck would have it, I made it to Christmas, and had a fantastic one at that! My parents and I, along with O, headed over to his parents house to celebrate. 

In Germany, the children open their presents on Christmas Eve, and I certainly love presents (please try to keep the looks of shock and awe to a minimum), so my family and I obliged and we opened all our presents on the night of the 24th. 

Duke thoroughly enjoys opening presents (just like his doggy mom) and he tries to help out any way that he can!

We missed O's sister Steph who is celebrating Christmas in Brazil with her very cute Brazilian boyfriend (try not to be too jealous girls!), but this was the first year O and I got to spend BOTH holidays with both our families and we feel extremely lucky!! 

Mom and Dad

O's Mom and Dad. Our fabulous hosts!!
More later on Christmas presents and what we had for Christmas Dinner! I'll give you a hint, it has wings and a beak but it is NOT a turkey or a chicken...

Merry Christmas!


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