Sunday, December 5, 2010

You just got Iced

The majority of my weekend consisted of trying to avoid the new phenomenon of being "iced." Yes, Smirnoff ICE is making a comeback in another age group besides 15 year old girls. Twenty somethings around the country are discovering new ways to enjoy this carbonated citrusy beverage. Like I said, I spent the weekend trying to avoid these new fangled games and sat quietly in the corner sipping my Coke Zero. Some examples of the shenanigans I innocently witnessed are as follows.

Getting Iced
The principle behind it is to get your friend to find the ICE without them realizing it is there. Such as, hide the ICE in the toilet tank and unhook the latch that makes the toilet flush. When said friend goes to flush the toilet and it doesn't work, he will naturally take the top off the tank to fix the broken handle and what does he find? A nice, cold, bubbly ICE that he must now get down on one knee and drink as quickly as possible.

The moral of the story is, unless you crave the taste of this lovely malt beverage, watch your back. If your purse feels a little more heavy than before, if there is a lump under your pillow, or if you toilet won't flush, tread lightly. You probably just got ICED!!!!


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