Thursday, December 16, 2010

This Calls for a Celebration

For the past six months O and I have been through the emotional yo-yoing of him searching for a new job. For the past six months, I wasn't sure if we would still be living in DFW come January 1st. This uncertainty might not have been so stressful had I not been trying to plan this little wedding for 150+ peeps in April! The stress was heavy, I mean I considered living in Tulsa Oklahoma people (No offense to the local Tulsanites). Now I can say it out loud that what I was hoping and wishing for came true! O got a promotion where we get to stay in Dallas AND since he'll work from home we have the possibility of moving to Austin in the future!! 

So, my friends, this new development in our lives called for a little culinary celebration. I attempted to make short-ribs for the very first time. They took about five hours to make, but considering all I heard while eating them was "mmm babe, yum babe, mmmm babe" coming from O's side of the table, I think they were well worth the time commitment. 

We added a little Veuve to sip on and it was time to celebrate!

Cheers to many more meals here in Texas with all of our family and friends!!



  1. Great news. Congrats to Oliver on his promotion!!!

  2. That is fantastic news!! Well done O!