Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Great Buildup of 2011

Just a mere three weeks (and double ear infections with a sinus infection for the bride-to-be and an upper respiratory infection for the groom-to-be) after Vegas the BIG DAY approached quickly! The closer it got, the more nervous I got. Not nervous about getting married, but thoughts like "will I drown in sweat in my dress? (this happened while dancing, though no one could see it due to my phenomenal make-up artist Erica Gray) Will there be a torrential downpour at the exact minute my ceremony starts? (didn't happen, sunshine all the way down the aisle!)" ran rampant through my head. AND the biggest, psych myself out, doozey of a thought was "Will I make it down the stairs leading down my ceremony site in my big dress, 3.5 inch heels, and holding my bouquet without falling FLAT on my FACE?!?!?! or bum for that matter? (This also didn't happen, thank you to my Dad and the wedding gods for helping me make it down with a semi-smidgen of grace!)" 

So needless to say, I was a ball of nerves leading up to the wedding ceremony. I must have concealed it well because I can count on two hands the number of people who said to me "well you certainly seem very calm about all of this!!" Or, maybe that's just what people say to brides who look like they are a deer in headlights in hopes that she calms the hell down. I suppose I will never know. 

I did have the most amazing, loving, and caring people surrounding me at all times! 

Exhibit A:

Besides my nervous tendencies that I was so apt at concealing, we did have a lot of fun before the wedding. 

Exhibit B:

We had brunch at the Nordstrom Cafe the day before the wedding

And we were pampered with mani/pedis 

Then we headed to the rehearsal dinner

We all clean up pretty nice dontcha think?

I thought the groom was lookin pretty good that night too, so I let him sit by me.

The wedding day would be incomplete without mimosas

Team Bride

Even though I was Nervous Nelly the whole time, I enjoyed every minute of our wedding festivities and I wouldn't have changed a thing! 

Stay tuned! Up next are honeymoon pics! 



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  1. Beautiful wedding and you looked fabulous!!!!