Saturday, May 21, 2011

These are a Few of My Favorite Things (Julie Andrews?)

After the honeymoon things have transitioned back to normal rather smoothly. Most of our wedding presents are stored ever so generously by O's parents so we haven't gotten to use them yet!

There is one present I said I must have at our apartment immediately. I have probably used it at least three days a week ever since its arrival... the cast iron indoor grill. I'm obsessed. It's amazing. Food tastes like it was grilled outside on a real live grill so you can have grilled yummies 365 days a year!

As you can see, it is well used and loved!

My other most favoritest thing right now is the Whole Foods Recipe App for iPhone. You can find your perfect recipe for any occasion in a snap!

You can search by course, category, and about ten different special diets.

You can search by what you have in your kitchen already.

You can add the ingredients from recipes directly to your shopping list.

and the best part about this app? It's 100% free. (LOVE!)

Last but not least, I love the pictures our family and friends are sending us from the wedding weekend! Keep it up please! We (I say we, but I mean, well, mostly me) have been dying to see more pictures from the wedding while we anxiously await the professional ones. 

The best are the moments O and I had no idea were going on, such as THIS:

My uncle breakin' it doooooown

Or these:

My cousin and his array of faces

Or the sweet moments:

O and my momma!
O didn't miss this one, but I did, and I'm so glad we have a pic of it!

Hooray for favorite things!!


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