Monday, May 16, 2011

Leid in Hawaii Part Two

Today is our one month anniversary! We've been to two weddings since our honeymoon and it warms my heart that now and forever more my escort card reads:

Speaking of the honeymoon, after a lovely five night stay on Maui we boarded this to Kauai:

I'm not one to be scared of flying, but while boarding the tiniest of all planes all I could think was "may day! may day! Engine one down! may day!" Thankfully we landed safely on the ground less than an hour later.

On the way to our hotel we stopped at the Fish Hut for some fish burgers and some of the island's famous "shave ice." Which was bigasyourface deliciousness!

Through an incredibly fortunate turn of events, O and I stayed at the St. Regis Princeville Resort for six luxurious nights on Kauai's North Shore. When we arrived, we both received a lei and were escorted to the terrace bar just in time for sunset and a glass of bubbly.

The St. Regis was... epic. The level of ass-kissery was intense at first but by the end of the week I decided I could most definitely get used to a butler service and someone greeting me at every turn "Why hello Mrs. Bergmann. Is there anything that I can assist you with?" Yes, you can assist me in staying here for the REST OF MY LIFE!! YOU WILL HAVE TO DRAG ME OUT OF HERE BY MY FEET!

All tantrums aside, it really is beautiful no?

Beach outside our hotel and the view from our room!

The Lobby

We ventured off the resort a lot more than we did on Maui.

We flew over the entire Island in a helicopter

Remember in Jurassic Park when they landed the chopper at the base of a waterfall? That was here, now it's called Jurassic Falls.

                          This is the famous Napali Coast, each ridge was carved out by waterfalls over millions of years.

We got to wear sweet life vests around our hips (I wish they had been parachutes!), you know in case the chopper went down...

Watched the Spouting Horn (South Shore Kauai) for a good 30 minutes and were quite entertained

Pulled over on the side of the road to glimpse a 75 foot waterfall

Hiked for miles along the Napali Coast and to the top of Shipwreck Beach

Climbed atop a four-legged wild beast and rode through a cattle ranch

Kept it Weird while flinging ourselves Tarzan-style nine hundred feet across a ravine 

Drank A LOT of bubbly, wine, and ate a ton of fresh seafood

Hung out with local wildlife and saw the most vibrant and beautiful plants

There were stray roosters and chickens everywhere!

And enjoyed every minute we had in this beautiful, lush, tropical paradise!


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