Friday, May 13, 2011

Leid in Hawaii Part One *wink

In three short days, Mr. B and I will have been married for a whole month! Thankfully, there have been far less marital spats then there were engaged spats due to the end of the large time-suck (but wholly wonderful and worth every minute!) that was our wedding. During the month before the wedding I would sit and imagine myself on our honeymoon to remind myself that there was an end and reward to all this craziness.

For our honeymoon we chose to visit the islands of Maui and Kauai, Hawaii for two whole weeks! On Maui we stayed at the Westin Resort which was gorgeous but we found out later that it was California's spring break and us honeymooners were highly outnumbered by families and dum da dum dum: Children. Now, I love kids, I choose to work with them everyday, but kids at a resort screaming, splashing, and running amok was not what I had bargained for. We definitely made the best of it. Here are some pictures from our room...

View from our room

The balcony that we spent mucho horas on, drinking lots of 


The majority of our time in Maui was spent lounging on a beach chair, book in one hand, and cocktail in the other... BLISS!!

We watched a lot of beautiful sunsets

AND a sunrise! My new hubby convinced me that watching the sunrise from atop the famous Haleakala Crater would be an experience we'd never forget.

Us after waking up at 2 am to drive to the top of Haleakala.

He was right, it was beautiful, but what I will never forget how ill clothed and freezing cold we were at the top of this mountain. Notice the beanie, North Face jackets, and ponchos outfitted on our fellow sunrise companions? Now notice that we are in t-shirts, and lucky for me, a light jacket! All I can say is when that sunrise was over, it was time to go back down to the balmy 80 degrees of the Ka'anapali beach!

On our last night in Maui we went to the Old Lahaina Luau and feasted on Kalua Pua'a (pig roasted under the sand) Poi (kinda the Hawaiian form of potatoes), Ahi Poke (a raw salad with yellow tail and seaweed), and about fifteen other traditional Hawaiian dishes. Then we watched the incredible show!

I only wish I could shake my groove thang like these ladies.

Next stop: Princeville Kauai! 



  1. I love that dress you're wearing on the balcony! Beautiful pictures

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